Direct Payment

Pam Batey is HDP’s Direct Payments Development Worker. There are three main parts to her job.  The first one is to advise and support people who need care and support and who have money to pay for it (through a Direct Payment, or their own money). The second one is to provide information and advice to people who are interested in, or who already do, work as a Personal Assistant.  These two roles come together to create the third one, match-making, where she helps people who are looking for support to link up with people who can provide it.

If you pay for your support using Direct Payments money, or your own money, you have more control over your care and support than if care and support is being arranged for you. We call that ‘self directing’ your care and support. Please click on the link below if you are interested in finding out more.

HDP Leaflet SDsupport

If you are interested in working (or are already doing so) as a Personal Assistant for someone purchasing their own care and support, please click on the link below to find out more.

HDP Leaflet PA’s

If you receive direct payments you can choose whether to use the money to pay an agency to support you, or you can employ an individual to support you. Click the link if you are interested in the Direct Payments Guide to becoming an employer.  It is also possible to use the money for a mix of agency and individual support.

Or contact Pam Batey to register your interest in working as a Personal Assistant, or to find out more.


Telephone: 01928 248937.

An application form for our PA Register can be downloaded here

HDP PA Registration Application

Please return the completed form to Pam Batey at the e-mail address above.

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