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At a very challenging time for Halton with severe cuts in funding for local NHS and the Council – we have some good news! HDP has been awarded 17,000 investment via the lottery to develop and enhance our service.

The mission of HDP was and remains to promote full citizenship for people in Halton with disabilities or mental health needs.

The key to this has been to recruit and support a large pool of trained, registered, DBR compliant Personal Assistants for clients to choose a PA to work with them providing care and support.

This empowers people who can be vulnerable; HDP has been able to protect people and prevent physical, financial, emotional and other types of abuse.

HDP found that without protection and safeguarding people do not have real choice.

HDP is proud of, and has been recognised by Big Lottery Reaching Communities for our valuable work. But; if we consider personal budgets as lots of regulated mini privations of social care provision – what happens to vulnerable people who access their own care and employ a PA without such support and structure?

The answer in Greater Manchester where I have worked has been abuse, sometimes fatalities and Serious Case Reviews.

For many vulnerable people, personalised support of their choice with a safeguarding follow up can provide the most effective protection and prevention from abuse; there is a real need for this service.

It also ensures wellbeing and social inclusion.

HDP has attracted external investment to meet this need. Our message to all partner organisations is to use us – the service is free.

HDP provides;-

  • Choice in care
  • Safeguarding follow up
  • Power of attorney help without huge expense
  • Welfare Rights service open for referrals