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cllrHalton Disability Partnership (HDP) exists to support people with a disability in accessing support and care that fully reflects their choice and wishes.

We offer advice and support where needed, we encourage volunteers to achieve their full potential. We manage a register of Personal Assistants (PAs) in health and social care so that people can access a PA, secure with the knowledge that the PA is supported by HDP and has access to good quality training.

As well as facilitating real choice for people, HDP, like all agencies, charities or services, is required to ensure people who may be vulnerable, are not exploited or abused. This can include financial, physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

We have “alerter” training for PAs and work closely with Social Services. With the expansion of personal budgets people have been given, sometimes substantial, monies and responsibility to purchase their own care/support. Sometimes unscrupulous people have sought to exploit and steal money from vulnerable people.

HDP and our partners are committed to and required to balance real choice and self determination with protection and support if needed. For further information please contact us on 01928 248937 Regards, John Abbott