John Abbott, Chief Executive HDP writes,

HDP have for some time supported people through the stress of completing “Power of attorney” which can provide security for peoples future needs. Below is a description of what we do and how to contact us if you feel we can help.

A lasting power of attorney( LPA) is a legal document that lets you(the donor)appoint one or more people (known as attorneys) to help you make decisions on your behalf.

Managing someone else’s affairs can mean a number of things,including:

    • Looking after their bank accounts, savings, investments and other financial affairs.
  • Buying and selling property on their behalf
  • Claiming and spending welfare benefits on their behalf
  • Deciding where they live
  • Making decisions about their day-to-day personal care


You  may need to set up an LPA to manage someone else’s affairs because they:

    • Are ill or disabled, either temporarily or on a long term basis
  • Are out of the country for a while
  • Are unable to make decisions for themselves, because of mental illness or other reasons.


Setting up an LPA with a solicitor can cost in excess of £1600. HDP now have trained staff that can complete the lengthy forms with you. All we ask is a donation of £200 to our charitable organisation.

Please contact the office on 01928 248937 for more information or to make an appointment

Best regards,

John Abbott