//UPDATE September 2017// The Care And Support For You information portal is no longer active. Care information is available on Halton Borough Council’s Website.//

The Care Act of 2014 requires local councils to provide information about care services and support for local people. Halton Council set up a website “portal” for this purpose but it has not been used by lots of people who could benefit .  Halton Disability Partnership has been working with council to develop the website in a way that it is up to date, informative and accessible.

A great deal of research has been undertaken looking at different models across the country to see what could best serve Halton; and also looking at ways to make the current website more user friendly.

Parallel to this work we are also consulting with local service users, community groups, charities, social workers and the council to ensure the website meets local needs and is truly “co produced”.

For many people getting into a website can be frustrating. A flow chart has been produced for people to easily follow and gain access.  Anyone who is struggling to use  the website can contact any of our team Monday to Friday. If need be people are welcome to come to our office and use our computer for individual help in using the website.

The current website is called Care And Support For You – Any one requiring help or support with the website can contact HDP on  01928 248 937.