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As Halton and our country came out of ‘Lockdown’ HDP now looks forward to returning to full capacity in our service.

During the last months of the corona virus crisis HDP has continued to serve our local community.

Although most staff have had to “work from home” we have been able to continue to provide our core services :-

– Welfare Rights Advice

– Safeguarding vulnerable adults at a very stressful time for people

– Personal Assistant (PA) support for clients

– Up to 500 “wellbeing outreach assesments” and support to local vulnerable people during the crisis period.

We are now in a position to reinstate our full service. All our team have returned to office based work (Safe distancing) and our office is “Covid-19 secure)

Consequently we are now able to inform 3rd sector/charity partners, social workers, clients and carers that HDP is fully ‘open foe buisness’

Anyone with mental health or disability challenges can seek support from HDP:-

– Personal assistance support with person and activities of your choice.

– Safeguarding monitoring and support.

– Welfare Rights and advice

Please contact HDP on 01928 248937 for help/advice.

John Abbott

Chief Exec HDP